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Sheds Galore Hamilton specialise in the design, construction, and erection of steel framed commercial buildings of all sizes, shapes and uses. This includes shops, factories and aircraft hangars to suit any purpose.

Large factory shed

This shed has a tall and wide double bay with roller doors, along with an attached showroom or office space.

Distribution warehouse

With wide access sliding doors and plenty of room to move, your goods can be sorted, packed and stored with a minimum of fuss.


With entry doors large enough to fit tall vehicles, this warehouse style shed has all the room to move goods and equipment around. A separate entry to office space completes the layout.

Large vehicle shed

This shed is big enough to accommodate large machinery and heavy vehicles. The see through roof allows great visibility without the power consumption. Spacious and economical.

Storage sheds

When you need individual storage areas that provide both security and accessibility, we can custom design just about any combination of multiple use sheds.

Showrooms and offices

Designed to suit your business with customer showrooms and staff offices, along with workshop or warehouse areas attached, we can design sheds perfect for multi-purpose retail and industrial uses.

Aircraft hangars

Built big enough to accommodate just about any sized airplane, our widespan sliding door aircraft hangars are a specialty.

Factory buildings

Great for any purpose - storing, packing, sorting and distribution of goods, this shed can be scaled up or down to suit your needs.

Packing shed

A huge space with wide opening doors to accommodate both forklifts and pickers - this shed can be decked out with shelving, sorting lines and much more. Whatever you want, there's the space to do it.

Site pavilion

Sports fields, public spaces, outdoor pavilions provide both cover and shade for a multitude of purposes.

Processing shed

Keep your goods moving with this versatile processing shed. High roof, wide doors and plenty of room without internal obstructions.

Office showroom

A simple design with ample room to showplace your services, meet with clients and accommodate your staff.

Site office

When you need a lockup space onsite, this shed caters to both office and storage. Versatility capabilities means this shed can be designed to suit any purpose.

Special purpose sheds

Undercover areas are made easy with design flexibility in mind. Sheds to suit schools, playgrounds, sports grounds and training facilities.

Storerooms and workshops

Suitable for all types of light industrial uses such as workshops, garages and storerooms. Make the most of your commercial yards and premises.

Light warehouse

With height and width, as well as span, this light warehouse serves a multitude of commercial uses.

Work 'n store

This shed has a tall open warehouse alongside a narrower office/storeroom and workshop. The warehouse is multi-use and secure while the office is still independently accessible.


This shed can be designed to give maximum floorspace for everything from service garages to builders workshops.

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We design sheds to fit just about anywhere and for just about any purpose. From extra wide bay machinery sheds to aircraft hangars with height and wide door spaces.

You name it - we build it. 


Get a quote now from Sheds Galore Hamilton and start designing your perfect shed.



We specialise in the design and construction of:

Steel aircraft hangars of all sizes. 
Large door openings
Clear spans (pillar free)
Outrigger and around the corner doors